23 February 2006

Sitcom Moment

Yesterday we were all in goofy moods. It was like it was a Friday on a Wednesday.

The telephone rang and it was for one of the staff. I've been known to tell the staff
"It's a *boy* on the phone for you " much like a eight year old little sister.

(we have a casual work environement, in case you hadn't noticed)

This time, I was very specific however "It's your ex-wife". I felt being specific was important in this instance.

Somehow, the person didn't hear the "ex" part.

Oh holy God.

I hear him answer the telephone "Hi Hon!"

*groan* This just isn't going to be good.

I actually felt the world slow down like in one of those stop-action scenes "Noooooooo..........."

I kind of hollered back to the breakroom where he was. "I said EX Wife!!! Ex! Ex! Ex!"

Luckily he took in with good humor, as did the ex-wife after she had time to recover.

That could have been ugly! But we got a good laugh out of it anyway.

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