14 December 2006


Is it just me? Is it because I'm the youngest child? From a poor family? Unemployed? Spent too many hours in front of the television?

All the giveaways on the talk shows bother me.

Oprah began it with "My Favorite Things" which might as well be titled "Things You'll Never Afford."

Now, it seems, all the talk shows do it.

As a viewer from home, there's just something disheartening about it. All of these people are getting cool things, just for showing up. While I sit in my house, with all of life's worries and woes, and grumble. It sounds selfish now that I say it out loud but it's just annoying.

And the screaming. Oh God, the screaming. SHUT UP already. The audience often acts as if someone has paid their mortgage in full and they've just received oh, a sweater.

Sometimes that audience is given a lame gift...I can't think of an example...oh wait, yes I can. An electronic dictionary! Then, I feel badly for that audience that got chumped. Yesterday, everyone received portable DVD players and then today, a bargain shelf gift. *That* would be the day I would be in the audience.

I'm usually a giver and Christmas is one of my favorite holidays so it's not like I'm mean or selfish. It's just irritating and it seems like people expect it now. And it's not just during the holidays, it's all the time now.

Although, it was cool when Howard Stern gave everyone Sirius Radio on Letterman the other night. (:-D There's always exceptions to the rule, I suppose.

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