05 November 2016

Unusual Crushes

Years ago Swistle and I played a game of listing crushes on celebrities who aren't normally considered attractive.  Everyman types perhaps instead of societal norms of sexy. People we find alluring for whatever reasons.

In these stressful days, let's play again as a distraction.

Chris Hardwick...Nerdist, @Midnight, The Talking Read. Funny, smart, nerdy.

Patton Oswalt...Comedian and writer. Look up his essays, specifically his latest on grief.

Jason Sudekis...Saturday Night Live... not an unusual crush hot not normal. Funny, smart...you'll see that's a theme.

Rachel Maddow...I am not gay but I  find her attractive all the same. Kevin does as well so that's something.

David Muir...ABC News. Smart, adventurous.

Okay, your turn.


Swistle said...

Yes, Patton Oswalt!
Rachel Maddow, Kate McKinnon.
Kevin James.
Louis C.K.
Dr. Cox on Scrubs.
Pretty much anyone who plays someone funny/smart on TV.

I know there are like a million others, why can't I think of them? I'm not laminating this list.

Meggan said...

Lin-Manuel Miranda is at the top of my list at the moment!

The guy who plays Foggy Nelson in Daredevil. Elden Henson! He once attended a red carpet event with his hair French braided into two braids and I will never be over it.

Surely said...

Oh how in the name of Where's Waldo did I forget Lin-Manuel Miranda!?!?!

Hmm, Kate McKinnon...good suggestion.

Clearly not laminating my list either. lol.

Meggan said...

MARTIN FREEMAN. I forgot Martin Freeman. He's basically the original person on my version of this list.