12 December 2017

Low Key Positivity

I just need 2017 to be over with.  I know, I know, everyone's saying that but I super mean it.  This has just been such a rough year.  I Can't Even with it anymore. Me, who is usually positive in a sarcastic way, am barely able to muster positivity.  Instinct is to list just how this year has sucked but I'm trying not to feed that monster.  

Here's how I'm trying to counteract the bleak:

Kevin and i have been trying to do one fun, just us, thing each weekend.  It's a simple as going for a drive or to the hardware store or to dinner.

When I return home from work, I change my clothes and take an hour to just watch television or play a game or write. (or all of that usually, because hello, it's me)   After that, then I do the grown-up things like chores, dinner, or whatever.

My new job requires a lunch break and I a) don't like that and 2) aren't used to it. I phone Kevin for a few minutes then I try to do something interesting in twenty minutes.  Go for a short drive, take instagram photos, go to the Goodwill.  Something little and fun.

Even though I hate them beyond all measure, I'm eating a banana a day. It's my one purposeful healthy eating habit that I'm working on right now.  Effing bananas.

I'm trying to stay off of the twitter.  While I like having my news in real time, it also sucks me into the negative abyss that is the government shit show right now.  I'm trying to only retweet positive stuff into the universe and follow low-key people that do the same. 

Although not evidenced here, I've been writing more.  Something I started a few years ago languished and I took it a different direction.  It's occupying my brain, sometimes to the exclusion of other things and I've forgotten how that happens.

I usually only go to Starbucks if we are Vegas or if it's just more convenient. (Where I live, there is a coffee stand on every other corner plus Starbucks.)  When I didn't get to go to Vegas this year as planned (I KNOW!) I decided that I would go to Starbucks that week like I would have if in Vegas (because I'm a thirteen year girl with strange coping skills)   But now I'm lightly addicted to using the app to earn more drinks. 

At my job, I email a group of people on the regular.  I've started finding funny little photos, memes or whatever to embed into the emails.  So far I've amassed two Ryan Goslings, a handful of Scooby Doo's, a Bob the Builder, Dr. Seuess, and a Monica Geller and a Hello Kitty gifs, among others.

Sometimes when we're feeling powerless, all we can do is rage-clean (it's a thing, look it up) and make tiny efforts to get through it. 

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