07 April 2010

Everything the Same Yet Everything is Different

Tonight we had a surprise visit from one of our dearest friends. He had hinted that he would be in the neighborhood but wasn't specific so the knock on the door was a complete shock.

We've known Chuck for about twelve years. He was married to someone who was, hmm how do I say this? Well, she was the Devil. When they finally split, Chuck eventually moved to Northern California and we didn't keep in touch the way we'd like. As happens in these situations.

Chuck brought his son CJ, whom I held when he was brand new and played with until he was four or five. He's fourteen and the most beautiful kid. He has this smile that lights up the room. He was an angel of a baby and it seems that he stayed that way.

We spent time catching up on mutual friends, telling stories about our current lives and making plans for the future. Enough time has passed that we've lost touch with lots of our common friends but regained that well worn groove of friendship in minutes.

It was sweet to share pictures with CJ, it seems like he doesn't have many of that time which makes me sad. He was the center of our world when he was little, the only baby in a group of adults. We sent him away with an envelope full of pictures of himself and his dad.

Cj was able to ask questions about things that happened too. Like why his mom is nicknamed "Lou". He was able to show us how he has grown and will be an adult soon.

Everything is the same in our respective lives, we are the same people with the same idiosyncrasies. Yet everything has changed. We live in different states, drive different cars, have different jobs. Everything is the same yet everything is different. Yet we're still friends.
There is comfort in that. It feels like the circle has completed.

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