20 April 2010

Hang or Fold

Spring has officially arrived. I was looking at the closet the other day & pondering my clothes. I don’t do the Spring/Summer vs. Fall/Winter switch like some people do. I simply don’t have that many clothes or that kind of attention span.

Which made me think about other people’s closets. Of course it did. We have a big-ish walk-in closet. I try to keep it organized, at least as much as a closet can be.

It has shelves above the racks but I try not to pile stuff up there. At least where you can see it when the door is open. I finally broke down & folded a few of Kev’s hoodies simply because they take up so much space & they are his work ones that he doesn’t wear often. So those are up there. And a jewelry box. And a chair massager and a neck massager. And an extra blanket. Hangers. Computer briefcase. Clothes to paint in.

Other than that, there's nothing on the shelves.

Here is what seems to be an odd thing about us: Kevin’s t-shirts are hung up. I am a terrible folder and if they are in drawers, he seems to wear the same four t-shirts versus digging in the drawers to see what is there. So I hang them. It works for us, don't judge.

I always look at the closet and think “We have too many clothes”. Then I scan through everything and sometimes take out a few pieces but usually walk away with a shrug. At least I tried. Kevin, thankfully, doesn't have that strange attachment to clothes like some men do. I can't tell you how many times I've seen something fly out of the closet with a "Get rid of that, it bugs me" announcement.

Also, the one time that I really culled through the closet was right before we left for Vegas and had to send our clothes ahead of us. Thus leaving us with no clothes to wear that weren’t faded, too big/small, or generally unreasonable.

My clothes are sorted by color and type. Yes, I know I have issues. This system allows me to get dressed in a very Garanimals type of way. I could almost get dressed in the dark if I chose. Oh, who am I kidding? I've totally gotten dressed in the dark before.

How do you organize your closet? Fold or hang clothes? Stuff on the floor? Organized or impassable? Shall we call Hoarders?


Jamie said...

Um, my closet isn't organized. At all. Therefore, I cannot answer your question. hehehe

Not Your Aunt B said...

Super organized. Are you surprised? I don't have fall/winter or spring/summer clothes- I just don't have than many. T-shirts, sweaters, camis, workout clothes are all folded. Everything else is hung by color and type. I share my closet with the girls so I have to keep it organized or else I will never find anyone's clothes! Shoes are all on top in labeled boxes except for boots. OCD, anyone?

creative kerfuffle said...

i cleaned out our closet this summer. it is a double closet, louvered door type thing. hubs has half, i have half. we also each have a dresser. i swap a few things out for the seasons (shorts/sweaters etc.) that live in a cedar chest at the end of the bed. the closet is not organized in any way at all--other than his side my side. there's a footlocker on the floor, empty suitcases and a couple of stacked boxes of vhs tapes. and shoes, all willy nilly on the floor. the shelf above the hanging clothes is piled high w/ books because i had no where else to put them : )

Bethany said...

All of my pants and the majority of my shirts are in my dresser, folded if I'm in a neat phase and not if I'm messy. My work shirts, sweatshirts and dresses are hanging in my closet. I do wade through them every once in a while and get rid of things I don't wear anymore. Once summer comes, I (very happily) put away my work clothes and pull out the tank tops and shorts- because I usually nanny in the summers, I don't have to dress up. YAY!