26 April 2010

In Defense of Lifetime

You know I don't mind admitting that I like the Lifetime channel. In fact, it has three shows that I really enjoy: Project Runway (Go Seth Aaron!) Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva.

None of those shows require thought or contemplation, they are just entertaining.

I enjoy some of the movies as well. I tend toward the romantic comedies more than the dramas but I don't know how many times a movie has come on & I've ended up getting sucked into. Oh, the Clark Rockefeller movie was really, really good.

Again, it's not Academy Award winning acting but I am not interested in that on a weekend when I'm doing chores.

The only thing I would change is "Wife Swap". OMG you guys, this is the most horrible show ever.

Luckily the only time I am ever subjected to it is when I have a day off. Then it finds me blindly reaching for the remote...because of course I am sleeping in...to change it to anything else. Anything. PBS, QVC, ESPN. I don't care, just make it go away.

It is perfect in the mornings during the week: Reba, Frasier, and Will & Grace. Sitcoms are an easy way to edge into the day. I can't count how many times I have turned off W&G to go to work thinking "Darnit, that's one of my favorites."

Like this one:

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