16 April 2010

The List is too Long

(why yes, that is Craig Ferguson)

While I love the DVR, it is creating issues in my life. Time issues. Who Do You Love More issues.

My alphabet personality makes me try to keep the DVR memory at no less than 70%. I have found that if I allow it to decrease much more than that I begin to wantonly delete episodes and half the time I regret it.

A few years ago I lamented that there wasn't anything good on anymore. We had eleventy channels and nothing good was on them. Or any time that I got caught up in a show, it would be cancelled. I am still utterly bitter about October Road & Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Also, television used to have it's own season: September to May. Now, with much improvement I must say, new shows begin all the time. No longer do we have to wade through endless reruns during the summers.

Even with the DVR, I still find myself watching shows online. The DVR is scheduled to it's limit and I haven't committed myself to returning to the old school way of VHS tapes. Although this would be a good solution as I used to watch "my shows" during the night while Kevin slept blissfully unaware of who was on Ellen or OMG I can't believe they killed that character.

Like our tastes in magazines, our tastes in television vary as well. Neither of us are big reality show watchers, with the exception of American Idol & So You Think You Can Dance. Oh, and I heart The Amazing Race. Kevin watches 24, Spartacus, and UFC which I am not terribly interested in but still can follow & nod knowingly during conversations. I can finish the dishes & laundry while he watches them, sort of like plunking a child in front of a video so you can get chores done.

Our favorites? I love Parenthood & The Good Wife. Kevin loves Castle and The Office. We both watch Monday night sitcoms on CBS and The Office. Everyone Loves Raymond is usually on during dinner, as it becomes a sort of therapy for us.

The DVR has rendered Netflix or any movie watching useless as there is always something to watch now. This does make me a little sad. Our movie purchases are piling up and Benjamin Button has been hanging out at our house entirely too long.

How do you go about watching television?


Not Your Aunt B said...

We don't really. We have a ton of shows on DVR, but in a normal week we may only catch Lost and that's it. Not even the news. Pathetic.

Bethany said...

I watch some of the shows (16 & Pregnant, Ghost Whisperer) on the DVR but most of the others I watch online. I can't keep up!

creative kerfuffle said...

we are dvr people. and redbox people. about once a weekend we get a movie from redbox, sometimes two. our dvr list would make many scratch their heads. the boy records wrestling (yes, he is one of THOSE 10 yr old boys); then there are the teen shows, 10 things i hate about you and degrassi (which, i admit, i like too) and then our shows--lost, in plain sight, life (that series on discovery) csi (the vegas version). i've also started liking modern family and cougar town, but haven't dvred them yet.