24 April 2010


A little over the week ago, there was an explosion at one of the local refineries, only three people survived. Slowly over the first week two of them died. The remaining survivor was doing pretty well according to his family posting updates on Facebook & CaringBridge.

Everyone was rooting for him, the lone survivor. The guy who, it turns out, was the one that got to the control room to call for help.

He passed from complications during the night. Everyone is so disappointed.

Funny how you root for people you've never met. How disappointed you feel when things don't work out.

Also, I have been reading Wife of Wounded Marine after reading an article about her. She is a victim of the war, their marriage did not survive his return from war after an injury. It was with surprise that she announced that he had died.

With us bloggers, we seem to become attached to one another. It feels like an actual friend has lost her husband. The internet has made the world so small.

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Swistle said...

Oh, how sad. Yes, it's odd how blogging builds new connections.