02 April 2010

The MTV Generation

I forgot to tell you about 80's night! How did that happen?

My youngest niece is in high school choir. Her teacher, Miss Lazama, is a rock star of a teacher. She has very high standards & goals and the kids usually reach them. I've enjoyed a few years worth of her concerts and they are always entertaining.

This year's fundraiser was 80's Night. The kids all dressed in 80's stereotypes and they sung a collection of 80's songs. It was a little surprising to discover how many of the songs are not family friendly. Yikes. It's not like they sung Prince or anything but there were a few raised eyebrows amongst us who were in high school back then.

One of the fun moments is they had everyone stand up when their decade was called. My brother's girlfriend is my age so we stood to represent the 80's. For a flash of a moment, I could feel being 16 again and sitting in a pep rally.
Another fun thing is that there was a former classmate of mine there as well, we pointed and laughed when we stood. Representing the SWHS Class of 87, bitches! (:-D

Anyway, the stereotypes were all there: the airhead, the rocker (OMG Motley Crue concert shirts) the preppy, the Flock of Seaguls haircut, the neon, the Madonna look. They did an excellent job of showing all the different styles. Most of the girls just did the airhead ponytail, but a few of them did tease it up a little. I joked with Ames that if they were really committed, there would be mullets & spiked hair.

And...Did we actually dress like that? Because Oh. My. God.

When I was that age, I wore Levi's, sneakers (Nikes, of course) or those ankle boots, a leather jacket & t-shirt. I also did the preppy thing with the popped polo shirt color & sweater. Well, I looked this:
The songs they sang, you ask?

Don't Stop Believin'....thank you Glee
We Belong
Jessie's Girl (the first song that Ames & I raised an eyebrow)
Sweet Dreams
Love Shack....they didn't sing "Tin Roof! Rusted" Hmm, I wonder why?
You've Got It
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...also can be a little eyebrow raising
Eye of the Tiger
And So It Goes (Billy Joel, and I think it was actually in 1990)
Flashdance...my GOD what a cheezy song
The Longest Time
True Colors
Time After Time
Mickey (also kind of risque now that you listen to it)
Faith (we held our breath a little on this one, trying to anticipate the words because it is George Michael after all)
I Love Rock & Roll
Thriller (yes, they did the dance)
Man in the Mirror

All in all, it was very enjoyable. Just another little trip down memory lane that I've encountered during my adult life.

Where were you in the 80's? Who were you?


Swistle said...

I had the same hair as you but with more bangs. I had the same up-collar but it was likely to be hot pink or hot turquoise or icy pink. I had pink Reeboks.

creative kerfuffle said...

ah, i graduated high school in 86 so i'm right there w/ you. in high school i'd say i was a mix between a new waver and a preppy. always wore the top siders (w/out socks of course) and shirts w/ collars up. or i wore baggy jeans and funky shirts. my hair wasn't remarkable, until i got into college and had one side shaved off ala cyndi lauper : ) i really loved the 80s and the music : )

Not Your Aunt B said...

Oversized sweatshirt, leggings, and keds OR all neon-lace-torn-jellies Madonna-esqued out. GREAT SONGS! That would have been fun to go to!