05 April 2010

Random Items - Kitchen Edition

Swistle gave me this idea. The other day she asked about where everyone keeps their kitchen utensils. The sad thing is that I really had to think where mine were.

We've been in this house for five years in August. We lived in the old house nearly fourteen years and when I packed the kitchen, I rid myself of a lot of things that I never used. When I unpacked into this kitchen, I still purged items from the kitchen.

Now keep in mind, there are only two of us, I don't cook much, and I have the alphabet soup personality.

This is our utensil canister....Kevin hates this drawer. I use about four things in this drawer regularly. Otherwise, this stuff is for show.

This is the pots & pans cupboard...I know, it's early honeymoon period but at least everything matches. (We've been together twenty years, nearly)

And finally here is the cupboard where our dishes live. This cupboard has many stories to tell.
Two-three sets of plates. I don't care for the Corel ones in the back. The blue plastic bowls are in Kevin's honor because he hates glass bowls. The yellow bowl you all have seen at one time or another; it's a butter bowl. It's Kevin's favorite cereal/ice cream bowl from I don't know how long ago. And finally, yes that is another set of silverware. Kevin bought it for a Christmas present because we kept running out of spoons. Yeah, I know.

Oh, and that's a cutting board that I received for Christmas & have no idea what to do with.

What does your kitchen look like?


Not Your Aunt B said...

Great post! Mine is anally retentively organized because that's how I roll. When the camera decides to cooperate (it is on protest after Disney) I will post them.

creative kerfuffle said...

my kitchen looks nothing like this : ) for a person who hates cooking i have way too much stuff, pans, utensils, pots, etc. but the hubs likes cooking/experimenting. i am of the alton brown (good eats) mindset in that if a utensil, piece of equipment doesn't have more than one use, it doesn't belong in my kitchen. the hubs is just the opposite. he loves the hell out of kitchen gadgets.