21 April 2010

Reader or Browser

I have resisted using Google Reader or anything like that. I like to be able to see and click through the blogs that I read. I like to see if you've changed your format or theme. Reading blogs in plain text is just kinda boring for me. I like the more personal approach. Soothing colors, pretty pictures! Links to other blogs!

Also, I wasn’t reading enough blogs to justify it in my head. That has now changed. I am afraid that I may have to break down and try a reader. Especially since I alternate between reading at home & reading at work.

While I have a routine that I usually follow, I’ve found that I have been missing some posts, etc. Or I get caught up in reading & forget to comment. This is why you'll occasionally get a flurry of comments from me. What? I don't comment on your blog, how is that possible? I promised I'd try. Leave a link in the comments section if you want me to wander over and randomly comment.

I'm off topic again.

I am afraid that, like the DVR, I will get in a hurry or frustrated and either burn through the posts without truly reading them or get overwhelmed at the amount of posts and heartlessly delete them then miss something fabulous.

Do you use a reader? If so, which one do you use?


Not Your Aunt B said...

I'm the same way. I like to see it, not just read it. And sometimes I am horrible with comments too! It just takes forever for Blogger to process it seems.

Jamie said...

I don't even know what Reader is!

creative kerfuffle said...

i kick it old school. i tried a reader a few years ago but, like you, it felt impersonal to me, especially considering how personal blogs are. i have my blog roll on my blog and that's how i get to you. i also have my faves bookmarked in case i screw up (like i did last time) and lose my blogroll when i'm redecorating. i try to comment every time i read a post on each blog, but sometimes i just don't have something comment worthy. however, i do read each and every post.

Bethany said...

I use google reader and LOVE it. My only problem is that I have too many blogs that I love to read. I seriously trimmed them down about a week ago though and since then it's been more manageable. I only have time to really go through and comment once or twice a week, sadly.