25 April 2010

A Reason to Walk on Sundays

I stopped getting the newspaper about one year ago. They changed to morning delivery and it was offering less & less news, which meant that I was reading nearly two day old news by the time I got home at night.

I found that I missed it though, especially the Sunday paper. No color comics or Parade magazine. No more coupons. No want ads.

Last Sunday it also occurred to me that I walk to the mailbox every day except Sunday. While taking Sunday off isn't necessarily a bad thing, it also isn't good for habit forming. As it is, spring rains have been keeping me from walking down there during the week.

What was I talking about again? Oh, the newspaper.

I subscribed to the paper last weekend.

What I had forgotten is the time it takes to read said newspaper. Right this very minute, there are three days worth of papers next to my chair, along with the stacks of unread magazines.

As I sat down to read the paper, it occurred to me how much I used to enjoy it. Online newspapers just don't cut it. Like e-books, there is something about actually holding the newspaper in your hands.

Online doesn't have a comics page or advertisements that feature your friends/cousins/classmates businesses. I don't have to click multiple links to get to the announcements and there are actual want-ads instead of careerbuilder.com and cars. com.

For $11 a month, I can feel more connected to the community. I can read Dilbert. I can hold the paper up to block the view of Squirmy Von Talkypants when he is on the telephone.

And now I have to walk on Sundays.

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