12 April 2010

Shed Your Skin

I read a long while ago that a good habit to grow is changing clothes when you get home from work, especially if you have had a bad day or have a sucky job.

It makes sense you know. Like a costume change, it can become an attitude adjustment. The clothing can change according to mood or season: Jammies if it's been a total crap day or winter and sometimes even a shower to wash the day away, or casual clothes to relax in, or in most cases in my world: just taking off my shoes. No one can relax in shoes.

The change in the weather means I can change out of my big girl clothes when I get home & trade them for track pants & a t-shirt, no shoes or sandals. I can water plants or read on the deck and forget that the past eight hours have ever happened.

I guess it is not different than changing from jammies to your regular clothes in the morning. It's a ritual to prepare for the day. I am the kind of person that can't lounge about all day in jammies. I have to get dressed, even if I am home sick.

How many times do you change clothes in a day?

1 comment:

Not Your Aunt B said...

Once. I love shedding my ER skin the most because ew! cooties! And I agree, no one can completely relax with their shoes on.