17 April 2010

Slug Booth

I read the other day that one of the media outlets are asking for pictures of operational phone booths because they have become such a rarity.

I mentioned this to Kevin over the weekend, which I guess turned into a challenge to find the most phone booths. By the time we were headed back home on Saturday, Kevin was shouting "Slug Booth!".

There is one at the gas station just off the freeway north of here. Gas stations seem to be the key to finding these mythical creatures. 7-Elevens or AM/PM's. We also noticed their connection with low-income areas and shady looking people.

This new challenge branched out into the conversation of "What exists now that didn't twenty, thirty, forty years ago?" Cell phones, lap tops, voicemail, microwaves. All of these are essential now yet we all grew up without them.

Now you have something to do in the car: Slug Booth


creative kerfuffle said...

great thanks! LOL actually, the kids and i are all over the vw punching now. not just the bugs, but all vws. yes, we are so suseptible to commercials! lol
i don't know if there are any actual phone booths left in our little town. maybe pay phones, but not booths.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I don't think I have seen an actual booth in years. Pay phones yes, but no booth.

Bethany said...

Hmm, I think I've only seen one photo booth lately around here and it's at a gas station too! Interesting :)