11 April 2010


Where I live attracts a lot of artists. There are artist studios everywhere.

Recently friend J mentioned how artists rent studios then paint/decorate them how they never would in their own homes.

Doesn't that sound GREAT?

The mind reels. I think I would paint the walls either dark red or hunter green. Make it into an old English style library kind of feel. I would keep my big old oak desk and my funky lamps. Floor to ceiling bookshelves. A cat...no, that wouldn't work, would it? Perhaps a stuffed cat.

Beyond the decoration, I am kind of loving the idea of having a studio to go to. Right now I have the rarely used office and while I enjoy writing in there, it's not perfect yet. The old computer is in there, the dog bed, approximately eleventy hundred pictures of the racecar.

I've always been fascinated with the idea of a loft. I would triple love to have a loft here. Sadly, I think a treehouse is going to be the closest thing I could ever get.

It's fun to think of though, isn't it.

What would you do with a studio if you had one?


Jamie said...

Out of sheer laziness, I would probably go all Jackson Pollack on my studio walls. Either that, or maybe a nice calming color, like yellow. But thanks to you, Firegirl, I know have Su-su-studio stuck in my head! ;-)

creative kerfuffle said...

the hubs and i dream about this kind of stuff all the time. in his dream we build a detached garage (and turn the current two-car garage into a game room so the kids will hang out here when they are teens) and above the garage would be my "office." it would have tons of book shelves, comfy chairs, maybe a real cat or two and i to like the idea of painting it funky stuff i'd not do in the house. i might have a wall of chalkboard paint and tons of chalk. i also like jamie's jackson pollack idea because that would be fun to do.

Firegirl said...

@jamie...I couldn't think of a good title and how silly do I feel that you mentioned "stu...stu...studio"? and if it's any consolation, now I've had the song stuck in my head.

@CK...believe it or not we only have a one bay shop so you just gave me any idea. If we add onto the shop, there could be a loft added. hmmmmm.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I would hide out and sleep and eat chocolates. I would love one with big, big windows where I could sleep in the sunbeams but not be bothered with mosquitos like when you sleep outside.