19 April 2010


As friend J says "My hard drive is full". Last week was a long week that I just wanted to be over. Come 4:59 on Friday afternoon, I was but a vapor trail leaving work.

Friday night we had dinner with the Fam and added W to the mix. He hung out at the house for a while after and we had a lovely evening together. I fell asleep watching French Kiss, the perfect ending for a relaxing evening.

Kevin let me sleep in a bit on Saturday, a much needed rest. I still don't understand why I sleep better on his side of the bed than mine but I'll take it. We took Missy for her treat at the mocha stand and after that? Well, after that I did f&*k-all. I didn't clean the house, I didn't do the laundry, I didn't do the internet. I didn't even have the television on.

There was no noise in the house. No radio. No phone. No television. Nothing.

It was beautiful.

The boys went to Seattle Saturday evening, leaving me to my own devices. I went grocery shopping then came home & took a bath. Snuggled down into the bath with the book from the tweaker adventure (super good book, btw) then moved to my chair and watched a Hallmark movie.

Today was very similar. I did turn the radio on today as I was working outside on the deck & needed something to distract me from the hideous task that I was working on: cleaning patio furniture.

The reward was sitting outside in our Adirondack chairs with randomly chosen magazines and the dog. Perfection.

I didn't have to make dinner tonight so that was lovely. I am now chilling in my chair while Kevin watches racing. The magazine stack will hopefully continue to decline and I can start the week without wanting to punch people.

How was your weekend?


Bethany said...

Mine was pretty good- I had to take a First Aid Class on Saturday morning, and that was not so much fun, but after that I went to see Shutter Island with a friend and went out to dinner. Sunday I hung out with one of my friends and we took a nice walk- it was gorgeous out! The weekend went by WAY too fast!

creative kerfuffle said...

that sounds like a wonderful weekend. mine was good too--saturday we went to my baby niece's 2nd bday party and sunday we puttered a little, vegged in the hammock and had old friends over for dinner.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Ours flew by. I am yearning for a relaxing weekend.