10 April 2010

Wrap It Up

I have recently become fascinated with ugly towels. Well, not ugly really, but definitely not pretty.

My favorite towel? It's a 1970's beach towel. No, it's not paisley. It's brown, yellow, and orange striped. Yeah, not pretty.

In the "Common Folk Bathroom" I have two beach towels that I use. One is from the 80's...maybe my fascination stretches beyond ugly into vintage, hmmm....anyway, it's an authentic Disneyland towel sent from my aunt & uncle. The other is a Snap-On towel...get your head out of the gutter, jeez. It's a tool company, oh no, that's not helping, is it? Anyway, it's a beach towel also. Very soft & I love it.

Remember a few months ago I bought brown towels? I so love them. They seem warm even when they're not. Mr Pickles bought the brown & black towel a few weekends ago and I bought one to match today because I liked it so much. They coordinate with a very similar red/brown set of towels that I bought earlier this year.

Target had towels on the end-caps that are the color of Kermit and beach towel sized. Totally bought two of them. They don't match anything but that's okay.

I bought a red hand towel in experimentation with changing the bathroom over to red. I didn't like it. It was like having a Broadway star singing from the towel rack. "I'm here! I'm bright & cheery and ready to SHINE!!!!" So, yeah no. Kevin is using it in the shop now, it matches the racecar.

What are your favorite towels?

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Not Your Aunt B said...

We're the exact opposite! All of our towels are 100% white. I like them like that. Clean, crisp, like a spa. And they can be bleached. Important when you are married to my husband. What is it with boys and dirt?