17 May 2010

Change is Good

You know, it really is true. Change is good. It just really, really, really sucks when it's happening. Really. Sucks. And I think if anyone has the stupidity to actually say "change is good" while change is happening, you get to punch them in the head. No questions asked.

The past three years have been nothing but change for me. There is not one single area of my life that hasn't been touched by change. Everything. Family, friends, jobs, relationships, everything.

Change sucked when Kevin got sick. (this is actually five years ago. Roll with me) Illness, radiation and unending medical bills totally sucked. Now, however, we are both so much healthier. We eat better. We take better care of ourselves. Our marriage is stronger.

Change sucked when my dad got sick then died. Now, all the pressure has been let out of our lives. The constant strain of tension is gone. The family, as a whole, has taken a proverbial sigh of relief. Our family is stronger.

Change sucked when I stopped working at the school. Unexpected, it left me adrift and trying to figure out WTF just happened. Now I am in a different, less stressful job. I had a year to hang out with the fam and to write. All of it is good, now. I am stronger.

Change indeed sucks. If you can just hold fast, hold tight, things get better. My experience has shown me that it gets much better. It still sucks.

What changes have you experienced that turned out for the better?


Bethany said...

Well I am going through a bunch of changes right now and you are right, they do suck. Ugh. However, if I hadn't moved to the city I live in now, I wouldn't have had three years at my job or met the wonderful people I work with. Now I'm leaving them so we'll see what's next in life!

creative kerfuffle said...

ah, the job thing. it's the change i'm going through. being unemployed for a year....it's a strange thing. it's a roller coaster ride, but one i don't know when will end. change does suck. right now i hate when people say, oh you are so lucky! you can spend time w/ the kids and do whatever you want. enjoy this time off. really? you try it douche bag.