26 May 2010


There have been some phenomenal television series/season finales over the last week.

Greys Anatomy was so OMFG that I felt overwhelmed at the end of it. Private Practice, which had previously wandered into Jump The Shark mode, kicked my ass. Brothers & Sisters. So far, there has been death in all the finales. 24, which was all death, all the time.

I still have to finish The Good Wife & Parenthood, for gosh sakes.

Then there was LOST, which I still don't think that I've totally absorbed yet. I am still awestruck.

As I type, I am watching American Idol and while Simon isn't dying, he's leaving the show.

We forget that these aren't real people, real stories. This is all make-believe. Yet we all become so invested.

Is it just me or has television become more intense?

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