15 May 2010

Free Pass

The lovely Jamie tagged me in a pass-along that is always fun to think about. Who is on your list of "freebies" if you get the opportunity to be with someone other than your spouse.

I think this game started with Friends, where Ross blows it with Isabella Rossellini.

I had to think about it, because I'm not a big swooner when it comes to celebrities and the such.

So here we go:

Brad Paisley. Hands down, no discussion. Cute has hell, talented and funny.

Craig Ferguson. Kevin just said the other night "You'd leave me in a hot second for him, wouldn't you?" Um, yeah.

Then there is our universal boyfriend: John Cusack.

Now I task you with the fun game of creating our own freebie list.


Jamie said...

I knew Craig would make your list!!

creative kerfuffle said...

ok, i love this post too : ) so, 10-15 yrs ago our freebie swap couple was rod stewart and that bitch he was married to, rachel hunter. obviously now rod is too old for me. but i would do 80s rod in a heartbeat. also--johnny depp. omg. john as lloyd dobber--yum. hell, all the brat pack boys, i especially loved rob lowe from st. elmos' fire and rekindled my mind affair w/ him in west wing. and sayid and sawyer from lost. they could make a ck sandwich out of me.