16 May 2010

It has Begun

It has begun. Gardening. This is our odd little garden at the back of the backyard. There is a rhododendron to the right which has been moved two times, the last time with an excavator.

The purple plant, of which I have no idea what it's called, has been hanging around for a few years in pots. This is the third time I've divided it and I finally put it in the ground. I have my fingers crossed that it survives. I still have two of them in pots, just in case.

See those pokey things? The ones randomly coming out of the ground? That's called Milkweed. It is the devil. There is a reason that it as "weed" in it's name. What you see is after it has been weed-whacked, pulled, Round-Up'd and stood upon. Oh, and it's poisonous. If you get it's liquid on your hands then wipe your eyes or nose, pain ensues. NICE. Why do I have it? My sister-in-law, in a fit of passive-aggressiveness I believe, gave it to us.

What's with the random yard art? It is a group of gifts given to us since we've moved into the new house. The angel figurine, whose wings are broken btw, is from my brother. The gazing ball is from my parents, and the "stone" plant holder is from Kevin's mom. These all resided on the deck until I got claustrophobic and relocated everything.

And yes, there are two pieces of driftwood (do you know it's illegal to take driftwood home?) that we've had for quite awhile. It is absurd that we have driftwood when we live in the woods but whatever.

You know when I started this post, it was going to be titled "$30".

Yesterday I finally broke down and bought flowers. Nothing weathered over and I got tired of looking like the Adam's Family. I spent $30 and brought home more than I needed. Even though I didn't get as many flowers as this year, it still seems like A LOT. I only bought geraniums and peonies, I seem to be able keep these alive the best. I threw three pots away and put the rest in storage, just in case I lose my mind and buy more.

This afternoon I watered all the flowers and remembered how nice it was to be outside, listening to the birds and feeling the spray on my bare feet. The sun has been shining for the past few days, making us forget how long the winter was.

What flowers do you have? Or Vegetables?


Jamie said...

I don't have a garden. Someday, though!

creative kerfuffle said...

i love this : ) i am a garden whore. ok, well, to be fair the hubs does most of the hard work. but i love the hell out of gardens. peonies are my faves--i only have one though, and it is part of one still growing in my grandma's yard. we have several rose bushes and trees. we have tons of oriental lilies, some hibiscus, glads, allium, mexican heather, one pot of lavender that we got last year and might actually bloom this year. i might just go do a garden post now : )
love this K!!!