24 May 2010

Learning to Type

I learned to type as a freshman in high school, on actual typewriters. It was one of the most miserable classes for me, on par with algebra.

The ADD was on sensory overload, the learning disabilities kicked in full-force. The only fun part of the whole damn class was one of my BFFs was in the same class and just as bad as I was.

So then came along texting. I picked it up fairly easily at first. I am a very good speller so it was a skill that came quickly. Then my brother-in-law taught me about T-9 texting. I felt like I was back in typing class.

But if nothing else, I am stubborn. I figured it out. Now I like it. Sometimes if I'm hurried and not concentrating, I will mess it up. Mostly, it is a trust exercise for me. I have to just assume that I'm spelling everything correctly.

Kevin's phone has Predictive Text. Another freaking skill to learn for me. I hate texting on his phone. Hate it. But I am probably getting a new phone this summer and the nephew says they all come with it now. Sigh..

We never stop learning, do we?

The only texting abbreviation that I use is LOL or some variation of. Otherwise, I am a speller. I don't care that it takes thirty seconds longer, I have to spell things fully and correctly.

Do you text? How do you text?


Jamie said...

I am textually active, yes. I used to have a Blackberry, and I was a typing queen on that. Now I have a cool kid iPhone, which really isn't that cool to me anymore. You can't use your thumbs when you text with the iPhone, and you also can't abbreviate a lot because it has an auto-correct spell checker thingy. This has gotten me into some embarrasing situations because I type one thing and then it changes the word to something else without warning.

creative kerfuffle said...

i also learned to type in hs on a typewriter : ) and, when the girl started middle school last year i made her take "keyboarding" so she could learn to type. i'll make the boy do it too.
as for texting--i do it rarely. i have no idea what t-9 texting is. actually, the only people i text are the kids, mostly the girl. i don't like texting or even the idea of texting. it's a phone dammit, not a computer/typewriter. yes, i'm old school.

Bethany said...

I do text, but I have a blackberry now and it has a keyboard on it. Makes it much easier!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Text yes. Sometimes abbreviated if I am in a rush otherwise everything is spelled out.