10 May 2010

Meetings at the Mailbox

The other day I was getting the mail when a truck pulled up alongside me.

I know right? what is it with me?

It was a young couple, in their early twenties, and they were clearly moving.

"What's the name of this road?" she asks.

"Lake Samish Road"

"Where does it end up?"

"Lake Samish"

The boy/driver actually laughed.

"Where are you trying to get to? That might get you the answer you're looking for"

"Bow Hill Road, we're going to the dump."

"Turn around and go back..."

"We don't want to go on the freeway" the cute driver says. I tell you, I am a sucker for boys with trucks.

"No worries, go back & turn on the next road. Bear left no matter what & it will take you where you want to be." (aren't those Yoda/Zen-like directions?)

Meanwhile the neighbors dogs are Losing Their Minds behind me on the other side of the fence. I sealed the whole scene from a movie set in the countryside with a "Y'all HUSH, the both of you!"

They said thanks and turned around in the neighbor's driveway while the stalker cat glares at them and the dogs continue their barking descent into madness.

I remembered when we moved up here, nearly twenty years ago now and how exciting it was. For a moment, I wanted to be them.

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