01 May 2010


On days like this, I would just rather lie around on the couch watching television. On days like this, it is important that I don't. If I do, it will set the precedent for the entire weekend: getting nothing done. It sounds wonderful but once Monday rolls around, it really sucks.

I try to keep a routine on weekends. I sleep in a bit, we go get coffee then I usually go run errands. I have figured out that if I do all the chores & errands on Saturday, I can relax a bit more on Sunday and make the weekend seem just a tiny bit longer.

But when I am in the "can't want to" mode, it gets a little tough. I make myself do stuff. Make the bed. Clear all the surfaces: put all the junk accumulated over the work week away, straighten the tables next to our chairs. Start the laundry.

Once I get this stuff finished, it gets a little easier to continue. Clean both bathrooms. Water the plants, dust. (I hate dusting) Until I finally get to the floors: vacuuming and mopping. If I can just persevere, it only takes about two hours, I feel so much better when I'm done. I just have to keep going.

But you can bet that I hate everything while I am doing it.

Oh, hey, I need to buy a vacuum cleaner soon. Anyone have any opinions? I want to buy a Dyson just so I can hear Craig Ferguson saying in my head "The proper amount of suction" but that's just not a valid reason to buy a vacuum.


Not Your Aunt B said...

Love the Dyson Animal DC 17! LOVE IT! There is probably a newer version or a better Dyson out now, but that thing works. We had to road test it as I am married to Scrooge and he even gave it the thumbs up.

I hear ya about keeping moving. Mine is in the evenings after the girls go to bed. I just want to sit. But there are a million things I need to do. And if I don't then it gets overwhelmingly impossible to catch up later.

creative kerfuffle said...

i am in need of a new vac too and i am torn between a dyson and an oreck. who doesn't want to suck a bowling ball up w/ their vac? but srsly, i asked this question on fb a few months go and everyone said oreck. either way, i am astounded at how much they cost.
i also have trouble getting started on house crap, regardless of what day it is.