07 May 2010

One of Each, Please

I just can't decide.

Kevin asked last night which car I would like, if it were possible. It is the age-old car question: Chevy, Ford, or Dodge. We already own a Mustang. We've owned three total and this is my least favorite of them all.

The racecar is a 66 Chevelle that I love. I've always been a Chevy fan & have owned a few.
Kevin had Dodges when he was younger, before he bought the Chevelle so he likes all of the cars.

We are enjoying what the call the resurgence of the muscle car. Right now there are current versions of all my favorite cars. Thus the above question.

Which one?

1 comment:

Not Your Aunt B said...

Oh don't unfriend me, but I like the yellow one and silver one. The purple one reminds me of an ex so no. And yes, that is all I know about cars. I go by looks and color. Mostly because I've never owned cars that nice to know how they drive!