29 May 2010

Rainy Days

It has been raining all week. Spring rains which are warm and feature huge rain drops.

I love it.

I am one in three gabillion people that like the rain.

Washington weather is notoriously rainy. The past few days have fulfilled that stereotype tenfold. Rain, wind, sun, rain were all featured today.

On the way home, Rosie was on the radio talking about Seattle and how she could never live here. While I get it, there are times when I can't live here one second more, I was also defensive.

It's beautiful here. There is a reason that Seattle is called the Emerald City. Just the shades of green alone makes for a beautiful sight. Add spring flowers, water, and the mountains and it is a setting for a fairy tale.

It has been raining big raindrops the past two days, the kind of rain that thoroughly soaks you thoroughly. Our usual rain is misty, you don't really get wet walking through it. Legend tells it that you can tell a visitor from a local because the person is using an umbrella. For us natives, an umbrella is more work that it's worth most times.

I am so not making the case of why it's nice to live here, even if it does rain a lot. (but not as much as you think - that's our little secret, mmkay?) But trust me, it is beautiful.

And here is a little rain-themed song for y'all. It's quite country but turn it up & listen to the lyrics anyway. You won't regret it.


Bethany said...

I like rain like that sometimes, too. Right now though, I"m extremely happy to see the sun!

Not Your Aunt B said...

I love the rain, especially the huge summer raindrops!

creative kerfuffle said...

i could probably live in washington. i LOVE the rain. thunderstorms, rain, love it. there is something peaceful about rain and yes, it's cliche to say, but it's cleansing. i love the power of a thunderstorm too.