12 May 2010

Scene from a Marriage

I was walking down our road to get the mail when Kevin pulled in. I noticed that he had the window down on the passenger side so I stopped and waited for him.

He pulls up, my husband who looks like a State Patrolman in his Oakley sunglasses, in his Mustang that I washed, thank you very much, looking all cute and stuff.

I listen...."Oh My GAWD How OLD are you!?!?!!"

All I heard was twang and "Sahwduhst on the Flooohr..."

I can't even guess what the song was. Way before I started listening to Country.

He's all "What are you talk....GAH!" then revs the engine & spins the tires a bit, pulling away in disgust.

When I returned to the house, he's singing like he does, with a grin.

At least it wasn't Johnny Horton because that has actually happened.

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Jamie said...

You guys are cuties.