25 May 2010

Nailed It

Things must be going smoothly in my life because I have fingernails.

I am not a nail biter but I will tear them if I am stressed. (Hint to friends: if my hands are fisted or folded, I'm trying not to stress) If there is a groove or a nick or a hangnail, I will fuss with it. It is not a habit I enjoy.

My nails aren't down to the quick or super short but just a nice-ish length. There is always one nail that is gone. Right now it is one of my pinkies because I stumbled on some stairs next door and tore one to the quick.

Right now as I type this, I've have to pay attention because I can hear the clicking of the nails, where they touch the keys before my fingertips do.

It's time like these that I consider nail polish again. Then I remember just how much I hate polish and the maintenance of it.

Besides, I am sure the nails will be gone soon enough anyway.

How are your nails? Are you a nail biter or do you keep them manicured?


Jamie said...

I have never been a nail biter. I'm getting a manicure tomorrow!! Hooray!!

creative kerfuffle said...

my nails are longish (for me) right now. but, like you, that won't last. i'll chip one or peel it or something and then i'll clip them all down again. i pick at my cuticles and don't get manicures. i love pedicures, but they last longer than manis for me. and, while the hubs does most of the yard work, i do plant and weed flowers and it seems silly to me to do that w/ a manicure. i rarely polish my nails because i also hate the upkeep. though, now that you've put that thought in my head i just might polish them : ) lol

Not Your Aunt B said...

My husband is a biter and it grosses me out. I have mid-length nails. They would be longer but I snag them on stuff. I wish I could get them manicured cuz I hate doing them!