20 May 2010

Wednesdays at Seven

Every Wednesday I talk to my mom. It's become a funny little routine. About 7:00 I call her and we discuss/dissect American Idol. I am going to have to find a new topic soon as the finale is next week.

It is funny to me how she has such strong opinions about the contestants, judges, etc. So far, she has been right about who is going home. She is a Lee fan now that Casey James has gone home. Showing her age, she doesn't like Crystal's dreads, piercings, and tattoos.

I am going to try to convince her to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" next. I think she will enjoy it but on a selfish level, it gives us another thing to talk about.

Not that the conversations are short, I have to plan about 45 minutes worth of chatting. I know what came in the mail, who called, what the neighbors are doing, what Brother Dear has done in the yard, etc. etc.

Oh, and she likes the tabloid shows like Access Hollywood and stuff. It makes me giggle.

It is fun to hear her making new discoveries, like shows on the television or songs on the radio. She is feeling pretty good about life right now, now that she knows she can do this thing on her own.

So don't call Wednesdays at 7:00, I'm listening to Mom.

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Not Your Aunt B said...

I think that it's pretty neat that since you're dad died, she's discovering this part of herself/life. It gives you hope that you could move on after the death of a loved one.