21 July 2010

Awesome or Awful?

I think I've unintentionally invented a game to play!
Awesome or Awful? I guess it would be a version of "Would You Rather?"

Occasionally we get donated clothing at work that we can play this game with. Sometimes things are so awful they've circled around to awesome.

Kevin's mom brought home a flower pot from her sister's house. Her sister made this with her very own hands. Kevin's mom just loves it. I will say that there is a little sentimentality to it as she (the aunt) made it while she was in the midst of chemo/radiation/surgery for breast cancer.

But still....

She made a big deal about having brought something home for us and she was excited about it. We stood next to the van, waiting for Kevin's dad to bring it out. It was one of those reactions like "OH!" "Um, oh!" "Oh, well, that's really....something, isn't it?"

It's behind the house right now, waiting for me to get flowers to put in in. I am thinking something dangly.

Those are sea-shells from Pt. Townsend

So dear friends, whaddyathink? Awesome or Awful?


creative kerfuffle said...

well, really it is the base that overwhelmes it. if it was just the pot i would say awesome. the base is overkill. i think a nice ivy or trailing flower would look lovely in this : )

Swistle said...

It has transcended awfulness to become awesome. And I would put in a plant that dangled low and covered much of it! Big spider plant, maybe.