27 July 2010

Dressing the ADD

I know everyone has their own preferences when it comes to wearing clothing. Sometimes it is a refusal to wear a color or a style. Preferences for dresses versus pants, shoes versus boots, etc.

The ADD doesn't like certain kinds of clothing, things you might not ever think of. Or now you will & you'll hate me for pointing it out.

The ADD doesn't like clothing that make noise of any kind...nylon, beading, anything crinkly. It's so distracting. The only fabric like that that I can get over is corduroy. Kevin has banished many a coat because it makes too much noise. Or too high of a collar.
I don't like anything touching my ribs. I have one shirt that I recently brought home that I really, really like. It touches my ribs. Ugh. I did manage to wear it all day without losing my sh*t so there's progress. Or turtlenecks. Argh turtlenecks. Referring to Kev again, he will toss a shirt if it's too tight around his neck. Yeah, buying clothes for him is *easy*. Like I am a picnic. And scarves? No. Way. Just kill me.

I finally gave a pair of Levi's away that just never fit right. They would literally ruin my entire day if I wore them. Lesson in that? Don't let laundry go & you don't have to wear them.

Today I was so tired & hot that my earrings hurt. How sad is that?

While I'm in whine mode, don't you just hate those days when nothing feels right? I usually describe it as "I'm not in the mood for clothes", which sounds sexy when, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

What type, style, kind of clothing can you Not wear because it makes you crazy? Or am I the only one? Anyone? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

I can't enjoy wearing any other jeans, than good old Levi 501's I've tried over and over, 501's are not the most faltering jeans, but I just can't enjoy at all wearing any other type.

Swistle said...

It drives me nuts if my shirt is too short. Makes me feel crazy, and I always end up changing out of it. I also hate it to be too snug on my upper arms. And in recent years, long sleeves bug me unless they're rolled up or unless I'm so freezing I don't care.