07 July 2010


The one year anniversary of my dad's passing is next month. It doesn't seem like it's been a year but then my life really hasn't been affected at all by his death.

Watching the pyrotech pack the ashes into the casing and making jokes about how he was now obnoxious in life and in death seemed like the last milestone of this journey. To me, the third was the true anniversary of his death. It was the last time that he was truly coherent and with us.

So begins the discussion of finishing stuff up. First on the list: scattering the ashes.

Do you remember what our instructions were regarding his ashes? He wants to be scattered from all the bridges that he has worked on. So, um, not one, two, three, four, but five total covering two counties and many heights.

But Brother Dear thinks that he wanted to be scattered over the mountain in front of their house. This is Mom's wish for her ashes so I think he's a little confused. At least I hope so. Because that would mean the addition of an airplane ride.

Three of the five bridges I have no problem walking out on. The remaining two bridges are in the Hell to the Effing No category. But Little Brother has the perfect solution: his convertible Mustang.

So along with the best comment ever of "You've got some Arntz on you" add the "Yeah, the people in the cars behind us are going to wonder wtf is on their windshields." That and "The asthmatics will be wondering why they're suddenly having an attack."

Either way, I will make sure to take pictures.


creative kerfuffle said...

that seems like a tall order to fill, spreading his ashes off of so many bridges.
i had always thought i wanted to be cremated until last year when my gma died and was cremated. i didn't like it at all.

Anonymous said...

Road trip! And those bridges are pretty. Wow. Just don't get a ticket for littering, k?