26 July 2010

Have I Ever Shown You This?

It's Monday. My brain is tired, it's after 9 PM, and we didn't eat a healthy dinner. I feel like the proverbial monkey pounding on the keys, hoping that Shakespeare eventually comes out.
It's racecar, racecar, racecar this week. We're going to the Old Time Drags in Mission BC this weekend which entails racing Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. We're staying at the track with our friends so it will be fun but little sleep will be had.

I have to spend Wednesday and Thursday evening doing chores & packing for the weekend. I failed at scheduling myself out of work on Friday so I'm driving up on my own Friday night. I hate that but I guess I'll remember next year to schedule myself better. Going through the border on my own is always a little interesting. Sometimes they wave me right through and sometimes I get lots of questions, mostly around why I am traveling into Canada by myself.

A few years ago, before we went to Vegas with the racecar, I ordered a bunch of lettering for the trailer & racecar. I didn't do anything fancy, just the drivers name, the sponsors, etc.

But I did have one sticker made. It's subtle and many people don't notice it.

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