22 July 2010

I am Watering Weeds

I think if anyone ever watched me work in the yard, they would come to get me with the huggy coats. I have the tendency to comment to whatever I am working on, talk to the dog, and giggle randomly.

Tonight's giggle was when I was watering the plants and the setting sun was caught in the spray, creating a rainbow. All I could think was "What. Does. It. Mean?" If this doesn't make you giggle, click here and you will understand:

(I blame the ever-so-hot Nathan Fillion for posting this on Twitter)

Anyway...I apologize for implanting "Full-on Double Rainbow" in your vocabulary...

I have wild daisies and some other flowers growing in the untended yard that I want to stay there forever. I know this probably isn't going to happy but I can dream.

Does anyone know what these are? They grow wild here and I triple love them:

I think this weekend I am going to buy some daylillies and some more lavender. I am going to plan them while Kevin is gone & devise some way to keep him from weed-whacking them to oblivion.
Like the wild ferns that grow in the rocks...it was a year before I discovered that he'd been spraying brake cleaner on them because he considered them weeds. Boys are silly.

And, just because...here is a close-up of the awesome/awful flower pot:

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creative kerfuffle said...

what have you decided to do w/ the pot? are you asking what that purple cool flower is in your yard? i believe it is foxglove and if that grows wild in your yard i am jealous : ) also? i talk to myself or the animals all the time when i'm working in the yard or home alone : )