14 July 2010

I need new glasses

I need new glasses. Not in the way of "I'm bored with these frames" kind of I-need-new-glasses. But I actually walked into a door today kind of I-need-new-glasses. (Holy wow, my high school English teacher just winced & doesn't know why)

I've had glasses since I was 18 months old. The reasons are long and boring. My mom said I was pretty good about keeping them on considering how little I was. The doctor said that fact showed how much I needed them.

The first night before bed they showed me where to leave my glasses, I did then promptly turned around and walked smack into the wall. Nice.

And that is kind of what happened today, but with the glasses on.

I thought I broke my arm. Seriously. I had ice here at work so I could sit down & ice it, which helped. I always have a brace for that wrist so I slapped that on as well. I googled "symptoms of broken/sprained arm" and decided that it wasn't broken. Whew.

All the while, of course, feeling stupid for walking into the door in the first place. Yes, I have an eye doctor appointment in a few weeks.

Once I got home, I realized that it really was starting to hurt. I started to worry. This is the one time that I would have called my dad. I thought about it for a little while then it occurred to me "DUH. Brother Dear is an EMT".

So I dialed him up. I noticed that in the past two years or so, I rarely have good news when I call him anymore. And we've had some doozies. Like the one time that I mistakenly said "Dad's in defib" instead of "afib" (Bea, can you imagine? :-D I felt so bad) Or the other time that I said "When you go by the auto body shop, don't freak out. I rolled my truck." (his house is just a few blocks from the auto body shop)

He assured me that it wasn't broken but "if you lose feeling, go to the doctor." And this gem: "If you think it hurts now, wait until tomorrow." Thanks Bro. Really. All the time he's talking, there's that patient yet giggling tone in his voice. I am not known for my grace.

I expected to wake up with a Rainbow Brite arm. (that's a doll from the 80's for all you youngin's) Luckily, not so much. But the bruise is still there and functions as some sort of Press & Curse button. It doesn't hurt unless I bump it and then profanities spill out uninhibited.

So poppets, what is the dumbest injury you've ever experienced??


creative kerfuffle said...

ugh on needing new glasses. i also wear glasses and need my eyes checked, but so far i haven't ran into anything.
dumbest injury? hmmm....a few stand out (mostly from when i was a kid). when i was five i was having a pillow fight, hit my head on the heater (wall unit)and had to get stitches. when i was in middle school i broke my arm in gym when i was running backwards and i got a burn on my calf when i got off of my first and last motorcycle ride. a couple of years ago i almost gave myself a concussion (sp?) playing on the kids' slip n slide. oh, then there's the time a couple of years ago that i was in the attic and my foot went through the ceiling of the girl's bedroom--just scraped my leg.

pure_tones said...

As a kid I once tried to copy this guy who used to lie on his stomach across a railing next to a door and somersault round on it. Needless to say, it was a total face plant.