24 July 2010

In the Neighborhood

I love Google maps. I just wish that I lived somewhere that I could use street-view. I live out in the middle of nowhere so I can't imagine that is going to happen anytime soon. Instead I get the satellite view which makes me a little dizzy.

So, here is the neighborhood. The red balloon is oddly placed, the roof below it is actually our house. The treeline above it hides the creek that runs the length of all the properties.
The first white roof to the right is our enclosed car trailer, which is nearly as large as the in-laws little house which is right next to it. The car trailer provides us with a little privacy, something that the brother-in-law would love to have. (:-D Speaking of the b-i-l, his house is the closest to the creek.

The trees behind our house were purchased by someone that lives high on the hill above us and didn't want it developed or have his view spoiled. It's our own personal greenbelt.

Recently there has been a realtor has been snooping around. It's making us anxious. This road has been secluded and been just family for so long that we're not looking forward to that changing.

Is it bad that I told the dog to go bark at the realtor today? Or asked him "How can I help you?" in a tone much like "You're not from around these parts now are ya?"

I tell you, if he comes around again I'm going to have Kevin & the b-i-l to start the racecars. Dual racecars ought to be a deterrent, don't you think?

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creative kerfuffle said...

i love getting a look at your 'hood' but google maps kinda freak me out when it comes to my own house. you can get a street view of my house and i'm not sure i like just anyone being able to do that. big brothery.