13 July 2010

Internetior Decorating

Remember the other day when I linked to a site that I loved the blog theme/template/thing?

This one?

I have only had two versions of this blog. The first one was black with white writing, very dark and arty. I kept it pretty simple, not many links, no pictures or quotes, etc.

Blogspot has a lighthouse template that I liked but a friend of mine was already using it so I kept searching. Finally I decided on the green. Slowly I added the cartoon. (if you say "What cartoon?" my feelings will be hurt. Not really. Scroll down :-) Then the quotes, then I worked on the blogroll. I had to scooch things around when I added the BlogHer ad.

I added the picture after my dad died, my brother took it the next morning & I just love it so much. The quote is my favorite quote that I carry with me.

Now Blogspot has more options for templates. I tried to resist browsing through them but I failed. There was one that I really liked but when I flipped back to the current version, I still enjoy it and changed my mind.

Swistle is considering moving to WordPress and I've noticed their blog templates before and admired them. But not enough to make the leap. Hell, I can't even consider changing a template, let alone a whole other service.
Then, how many of you out there use Firefox? If not, why not? I enjoy it much more than IE, it doesn't bog the computer down. Anyway. My point is that with one of the last updates, Firefox added themes! My favorite!!!! On the work computer I have butterflies. On the laptop, I have blue scrolly things because I have to share it with a boy. *pout*

At work I have a picture I took of the bay for my desktop and here I have racecar pictures. On the dinosaur computer I just switched to the Dancing Butler:

I can't even put into words why I love this picture so much. I found it while looking for something else and loved it on sight. My goal is to have a framed print of it someday.

Anyway, the question of the day is how do you have your computer decorated?

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