28 July 2010

News & Notes

Don't you just hate when you have just a few small things that perhaps might be a blog post but nothing really comes to fruition?

So....well. Towels. (how very Seinfeld of me, yes?)
How do you fold your towels? Growing up, they were in squares. When I had a former Air Force Capt. as a roommate, they were folded in thirds then again in half. Now, they look like this:

I got a haircut today. My hair had reached my lower back. Yeah, I know. Way too long. I have to sleep with it in a pony tail otherwise I was strangling myself. Not hawt. Anyway, I always tease Kevin when Ha (the hair stylist) uses the "torture comb" to thin his ridiculously perfect hair. Karma was a bitch today. Ha decided to do my eyebrows. M'er F'er that hurts. And she mentions while she's doing it "My mother, she doesn't understand bikini waxing..." How do you respond to that? I don't understand eyebrow waxing!

Little Brother took a trip to Yosemite. I didn't know until I suddenly received a picture text from Montana. For the last few days I've been receiving random pictures from him. Well, not yesterday, in which case I was afraid that he'd met Yogi the Bear up close & personal. Then I receive this:

To which I replied "Cool! hahahaha Get it!?! "Cool?" He didn't respond, I wonder why?

My mom did not have pneumonia. (this is where Bea gets to say "I know stuff!!!") She has an upper word-I-can't-pronounce hernia. They're hoping to take care of it laparoscopicaly so no bigs. At least according to her. I'll have to talk to Brother Dear for the true story.

I had a pair of sandals with a broken strap in the coat closet for two years. Yes, years. I finally remembered to take them to the Shoe Shop to be repaired. I picked them up, all excited to have my fave sandals back. Yeah, they're too big. Yes, I have the right pair. Why, oh why, do you lose weight in your feet? Riddle me That.

I don't like Mia Michaels. I just don't. This will only make sense if you watch So You Think You Can Dance but this everyone can relate to: I just don't like people who are unnecessarily unkind in the name of "criticism". You're not teaching a person at that point, you're demeaning them.

Kevin had this thyroid check up for the Graves today. He got another all-clear so that's awesome. It's been five years as of next month, which is difficult to believe. The next goal is to work on starch in his (ours) diet. Ugh. He loves teh starch. He wants to try brown rice so if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them. Keep in mind: he doesn't like vegetables so think more along the lines of spices.

On a whim, I took an ADD test. The results were basically "Are You Effing Kidding Me?" (:-D
I am interested in the new interest in ADD marriages. To me, it's normal. Nothing new. But apparently we were supposed to be taking extra precautions & communication this whole time. Who knew?

This is my new favorite thing on television right now:


Swistle said...

1. I like the Success 10-minute brown rice bags because (1) they're easy and (2) clean-up is easy and (3) I often don't realize I want brown rice for dinner until it's too close to dinner to make brown rice.

2. I like brown rice mixed with scrambled egg, bits of chicken, and canned corn. But I think it only tastes perfect if you salt the bejeezus out of it.

3. No photos of the hair??

Melina said...

Actually, these are my favorite types of posts to read. so chatty and conversational. My favorite was the towels (yeah, who decided to roll them in the first place?) and your use of m'er f'er. love it!