08 July 2010


Someone mentioned the interesting things that get caught in spam filters and I thought "That's a fun thing to think about!"

Some email servers troll your emails for keywords, etc and spam gets sent according to their results. In which case, I am a single black woman who is in her retirement years yet should go back to school on payday loans and low interest credit cards.

I get constantly barraged to go back to school. Crime investigation, real estate, you name it. Apparently SPAM also has parenting tendencies.

Of course I regularly receive offers of riches from far away & exotic countries. I must be the luckiest girl ever.
What is BBW singles? I am afraid to do a search.
I am dismayed to see AARP and Scooter Store emails as well.
Forklifts? WTH would I do with a forklift?

What is the most interesting thing you've ever seen in the SPAM filter?


creative kerfuffle said...

spam makes me laugh. i get a lot of the same ones, go back to school, etc. i also get a lot of male enhancement offers, some russian girl named svetlana is trying to contact me, as is obama and the fbi. i've one the lottery in several foreign countries (if only THAT were true) and if i really wanted to i could work from home and make millions. yeah. right.

Anonymous said...

I am done with the 50+ singles mingle spam. Really? Time to buy a new night cream.