05 July 2010

What Did We Learn This Weekend?

We learned that...

sitting on the sidelines watching fireworks blows. (pun intended) Watching it on television blows even more.

Colgate fixes the foggy headlight problem on Mustangs.

you can send cremated ashes up as a fireworks shot.

Kevin says "Mother Bear" instead of "Mother F*#ker" if there is a girl standing nearby.

using liquid laundry detergent and being ADD is a recipe for failure.

Kevin is not meant to work with the public. Well, public that understands bitter sarcasm.

Washing black cars sucks and Kevin owed me right up until I remembered he fixed the truck on Saturday night.

UPS men who are also licensed pyrotechs are twice as HAWT.

Spending twice as much on ice cream at the gas station is still worth it.


Swistle said...

Cremated ashes in a firework shot? Do they then, um...rain down?

Firegirl said...

Yes, the ashes go into the container where the "color" goes. They attach a charge to make it go up & burst then sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle there goes Dad. It's over the lake so it's not like it's getting into anyone's eyes or anything LOL.

Cool Huh? (:-D

creative kerfuffle said...

wow. um. wow. i think if i were going to be cremated i'd want to be shot up in a firework because i LOVE fireworks. however, right now i want to say, hey, you got a piece of arnzt on you.