18 April 2011

A Couch by Any Other Name

I call my loveseat a couch.  It's a Me-sized couch. But I also call it home.

My mom calls them "davenau"  (DAV-In-Oh)  or sometimes "davenport."  Every once in a while, Kevin's mom calls it the devan.  (duh-van)

They are the only two that I've ever heard call a couch that name.  Even on decorating television shows and the magazines, I have not heard those words used to describe couches.  Is it a regional thing?  Keeping in mind that my mom grew up in Southern California and Kevin's mom has lived in only two counties her entire life. 

As far as the other furniture goes, they call them by their proper names so it's not like they are nuts and call the table a sur la table.  It just seems like a couch thing.

What's the name of your couch?

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