25 April 2011

Full Circle - edit, now with pictures!

Tonight as I was pulling into the driveway, The Nephew and fam was pulling out so I rolled up to see what was going on.  "We're going to SCHOOL!!!!"  I hear being shouted from the backseats.   The Littles kindergarten round up is tonight.

The boys look identical so they usually try to dress one in blue and one in green.  There they were in their brand new bright blue and bright green school coats, strapped into their car seats, excited as all get-out to go to school.  "It's going to be AWESOME!!!!" I shouted in response. Three sets of thumbs up appeared in the windows with big smiles and giggles.

We were just talking last night how it seemed like yesterday when it was The Nephew's first day of school.  Now here we are watching him take his sons to kindergarten round-up.  It's heartwarming, it's heartbreaking, and one of those moments where the light shines a little brighter on all of us.

 1st Day of School....oh so many years ago

The Nephew & one of the littles having a special moment

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creative kerfuffle said...

i am a total sucker for anything generational like this! LOVE it. kids are so much fun at that age--they are full of fun and wonder and usually haven't started being smart asses yet : ) lol