04 April 2011

News & Notes

You know that time when there is nothing going on but yet it seems like there is a lot going on?  That is how I'm feeling right now.  There's nothing major going on yet I'm wondering where my time is going.
Which doesn't bode well when race season starts up.

Work has been busier than normal.  I am appreciative of that.  I'd so rather be busy than spending time watching movies on the internet.  The executive director is retiring soon and while that is stressful, it is time.  I am cautiously excited for the change.

I am still trying to learn ACCESS and hating every single minute of it.  I am probably going to need to take a class which gives me such anxiety.  I loathe school of any kind.  But I am having no fun at all.  I usually  enjoy a challenge like that but this is making me curse, profusely.

Kevin and I had a date weekend, this is rare.   We went to dinner by ourselves then watched a movie Friday night then I brought dinner home Saturday then watched another movie.  The neighborhood was quiet, for once, so it felt like it was just the two of us again.  It's been eleven years since it was just the two of us in the neighborhood.

Is anyone interested/excited about the royal wedding?  It seems like there is a black and white reaction to the upcoming event.  People are either disdainful or excited.  I am interested.  Having watched Prince Charles & Lady Diana's wedding as a child, I find myself curious to see how it goes.  Kevin and I were talking that we will most likely see the coronation of a king in our lifetime, if not two.  Isn't that something to think about?

I am currently obsessed with the show "Coming Home" on Lifetime.  It is sob-athon television, let me tell you.  It is a show that features soldiers coming home from war and surprising their families.  It beats any YouTube video you've ever seen.

Daydream Believer was looking for book suggestions on the Twitter.  Someone told her to try Emily Giffin, who I loved and who was recommended by my BFF C.  She loved her too.  And then last night I noticed that one of her books has been made into a movie.  So that's cool.

I was going through my blogroll at work and dejectedly deleting blogs that aren't being tended anymore.  I was going to delete Not Your Aunt Bea (Hi Bea!!!!!)   when I noticed that her exercise log was still current. And...she's pregnant!!!  (Congrats Bea!!!!)   I emailed a mutual friend in excitement.  Now I can't possibly delete her blog.

Kevin asked what I write about here (he doesn't read this, clearly) and I said "Oh, stuff..."  This, this is a clear definition of "stuff". 

I wish everyone a happy & speedy work week!


Magnolia Perez said...

What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

creative kerfuffle said...

i am not obsessed w/ this gen's royal wedding (um...i don't even know the date) but i was all over the last one. got up early to watch it. wathced every minute of it. cried. heart raced. etc.
on the blog thing--i feel like i've neglected mine and so many of the ones i read are in similar disrepair. like they'll post once a month or something. i still enjoy blogging and reading blogs. i guess i'm just tired of my own posts. i need new material.
your date weekend sounds awesome : )

Swistle said...

I'm excited about the wedding and I'm going to watch it!