30 April 2011

A Real Fairy Tale

I had full intentions of watching the Royal Wedding.  I wanted to wake up at 3 am and sit with my phone, connecting me to my friends.  Alas, I fell asleep early during one of my favorite Friends episodes and didn't awake until the alarm rang.  The one time I sleep through the night. Sigh.  Luckily (?) for me, we wake a little before 6 am so the news was still going.  After Kevin left, I crawled back into bed with my television and phone and caught up.

I enjoyed watching the condensed version versus in real time.  Although I'd wished that Barbara Walters would just shut up from time to time. 

The comparisons between Diana's and William's wedding were awkward but remarkable.  I liked hearing about the similarities and hoped that William and Katherine have a better fate than Charles and Diana.
Comparisons had to be made, this being the son of Diana.  One of the London newspapers had a headline of "Mum would be proud" which I believe is true.  For all her flaws, all it seemed she ever wanted was her boys to be happy.  

I was a little horrified by Princess Beatrice's hat.  Horrified just because it seemed like she was begging for attention on a day that was so not even a little bit about her. It reminded me of her mother, Sarah, who seemed to have a disdain for the royal traditions.

I did enjoy watching all the hats, uniforms, and outfits.  As Americans, we do not have this sort of pomp & circumstance. 

I was impressed with the poise and grace of both Catherine and her sister. We can't imagine how their lives are changing minute by minute. I loved Harry and his mischievous grin.  I loved that he sneaked a peek and encouraged his brother.  It is a glimpse of the future monarchy.

The Queen actually appeared happy.  I loved the bright yellow dress.  It made me giggle as I'd just told my mom that as the grandmother she can wear whatever she wants to my niece's wedding.

I wondered if Camilla sat through the ceremony and thought even once "That should have been my wedding."  While she was considered a villain at the time, we know now that she was a victim of the monarchy's traditions.  Her story makes me sad but I guess it eventually had a happy ending.

There was a distinct difference in opinion about the wedding.  I loved that they quoted Winston Churchill regarding this wedding:  "This joyous event is a splash of color on the hard road we have to travel."  At a time that feels like everything is falling apart, here is a moment in time to just sit back and watch a real life fairy tale.

This is a moment in time that may not be repeated in my lifetime.  This is also a glimpse of a future king.  This is also a worldwide event, watched by millions. Like it or not, this is history in the making.


Swistle said...

YES! I really thought it was neat, and fun, and cool. And Kate and Pippa are SO ELEGANT. And Harry SO CUTE. And I loved the Queen's yellow outfit, too! And I agree about Princess Beatrice's hat. And about Barbara Walters---WHAT WAS SHE DOING??

creative kerfuffle said...

i didn't watch it live either, in fact didn't catch any of it until a recap friday night. i think harry is simply adorable and looks a lot like diana's brother. william tends to favor his dad, sadly. i like that there were nods to diana and i can't help thinking she would have been proud too. i did watch that wedding live but it wasn't until seeing it compared to william's that the lack of love or whatever was there even then. will and kat looked really happy, really in love. loved the second kiss and the drive off in dad's car.