20 April 2011

The Time is Now

When I stopped working at the school I made the very conscious decision to do nothing.  Not one damn thing.  I did, for a whole year.  I stayed home, wrote, visited with family & friends and thought about who I wanted to be when I grew up.

Then it was time to go back to work, we had bills to pay and goals to achieve.  I looked for jobs that were low-key and easy.  I looked for jobs that I was over-qualified for.  My intention was to have no pressure, no stress, and have my job be just that: a job.  I was determined not to be sucked into the vacuum I existed in before.

I took a job that I called the monkey job, as in "so easy a monkey could do it."  It was a good little job but it wasn't my favorite and there's such a thing as too easy. So I kept snooping around. 

I took the job I have now on a complete whim.  I interviewed and really thought about it, more than I had any other job I'd had in the past.  I jumped in with both feet and eyes closed.  In fact, I phoned Kevin from the parking lot and said "I just took a job" to my own astonishment.

It's been a good job.  There have certainly been days where I've wanted to go all Cartman but that's all jobs and just human nature.  It is probably the best job I've had.

Now there are changes afoot.  My job is still there, no worries, but it's changing.  A lot.  In a good way. In a stressful way.  It's been a long while since I've been challenged and forced to use all my skills.  It's scary in a way to use those muscles again but mostly I feel engaged again.

Time to stop effing around.  Time to stop dumbing myself down.  Time to get the job done.

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creative kerfuffle said...

hmmm...that smells like a promotion???