27 April 2011

We Have A Deal

It's been the wettest and coldest Spring in the Pacific Northwest since ever.  Seriously, it is supposed to freaking SNOW tonight.  I keep cautiously casting my eyes toward the thermometer.

It's difficult to complain when childhood friend L told me that one of the tornadoes touched down 10 miles from her home. 10 miles.  Eff that.  I know CK has had total crap weather where she lives and Daydream Believer had snow yesterday.  It seems everywhere people are having a difficult time with the weather.

This is the first time where I've seriously considered getting tickets for somewhere warm & sunny.  Usually I am stubbornly positive about the rain.  This is the season where Emerald City earned it's name.  Everything is beautiful right now.  The green is returning, the tulips and daffodils are growing.  I actually bought real flowers the other day.  (if the snow kills them I am going to be pissed)

But this weather is beginning to take it out of me.   It's nearly May and snow is in the forecast.

Kevin and I made a deal the other night while watching the news that we weren't complaining about the weather anymore after watching the South get pummeled by tornadoes and rain.
I hope this finds you warm, dry, and with a roof over your heads.

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creative kerfuffle said...

i was worried about some blog friends in alabama too. we had storms here in nc and tornadoes, but fortunately nothing in our immediate area. rain/thunderstorms i can so handle, and actually love, but tornadoes freak me the hell out. i'm proud of you for getting LIVE flowers! whoot whoot!