16 March 2012


One of the joys (sarcasm) of coming from a childhood like mine is not being able to share similar childhood stories or milestones. Many of my stories are like anti-childhood stories.

During dinner tonight, we were watching an unplugged Bon Jovi concert on Palladia (like MTV used to be)  We were talking about music we listened to when we were younger.  Music is one of the few things that are different between Kevin and I due to the seven year age difference.

Kevin told me a story about his mom not wanting to buy his brother an Aerosmith album and offering to buy a Cheech & Chong album from one of the cousins to keep her from listening to it.

I shared that my parents paid no attention to what I listened to, allowed MTV in my bedroom as a sixth grader and when I was five, I listened with the big kids to Cheech & Chong at my grandmas on Christmas. 

Yeah, I can kick your happy-childhood-memories ass with my Manson Family ones. 

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Swistle said...

It is parentally heartening to hear strictness and monitoring associated with happy childhoods.