13 March 2012


Dear Universe,
Can Washington State please get a break? For just a little while.  It seems like everything horrifically bad is happening here.

Dear Co-Worker,
Get. Over. Yourself.

Dear KMart,
Your store is confusing.  I don't shop there often and now I know why.

Dear Kevin,
I'm glad you're feeling better.  It freaks me out when you're sick

Dear Kind-but-thoughtless Donors,
No one wants Nana's polyester. No one. Ever.

Dear Mother Nature,
I'm a fan of snow but snow on March 13th while trees & flowers are budding is a little schizophrenic.  And windstorms? No thank you. Please check your meds.

Dear Me,
Don't watch scary television episodes while it's dark outside, you're alone in the house AND there is a windstorm.

Dear Adele,
Thank you for your voice.  It's like listening to therapy.

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