08 March 2012

Don't Move the Antenna

Kevin has been home sick for three days now.  He is a good patient and sick person so I'm not complaining about that at all. 

That being said: I need a consistent schedule.  I have not had a consistent schedule.  It's making me a little edgy.

Also, he has been watching The Andy Griffith Show while I'm getting ready for work.  I can't put up with that sh*t for long.


We have a radio in the bathroom. It lives next to the window on the area around our tub.  Because it's older, it has an antenna and because it's older, the antenna keeps sliding to the side.

This bugs me. 

So I keep putting it "right" and grumbling about it.

Finally, Kevin announces the other day "New Rule!"  This is what he says when something needs to change or be done.

"Don't touch the antenna.  It needs to stay to the side so You Don't Lose An Eye"



Thank you, Kevin, for saving my eyesight. 

But the Andy Griffith thing needs to stop.

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